Author Topic: HARP SF Rules on Subskills and Multiple Subskill Proficiency Talent  (Read 274 times)

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The skills Air Pilot, Animal Handling, Beastmastery, Driving, Foraging/Survival, Machine Operation, Marine Pilot, Riding, Signaling, and Space
skills are what you spend DP's on.

I'm asking if my understanding is correct: You choose one of the subskills that get this total bonus. All the others will have some subskill penalty, i.e. -40 for starship if you had previously chosen Pod as your pirmary, unless you grab the nifty 5 point cost Multiple Subskill Proficiency Talent one or more times to reduce or eliminate the subskill penalties (by 10 for each purchase of the talent).

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Re: HARP SF Rules on Subskills and Multiple Subskill Proficiency Talent
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