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Rolemaster / Re: What is the average age of Rolemaster players ?
« Last post by arcadayn on Today at 10:32:24 AM »
I'm 48, but not currently running a RM game. Groups I've run in the past few years range from mid thirties to early fifties.
HARP / Re: HARP alternate combat system NDA
« Last post by hessehorst on Today at 07:13:18 AM »
I agree.
Rolemaster / Re: What is the average age of Rolemaster players ?
« Last post by Cory Magel on September 20, 2017, 07:00:21 PM »
For the most part, our groups of players have been gaming together in various mixtures of the larger group overall for many years.  Members joining anywhere from the early 80's to late 90's.
Sorry... should have clarified that means we're mostly in our late 30's to mid 50's or so.
PROLOGUE for Ugh the Barbarian and Fleck the Burglar. [PRIOR TO SEASON ONE REBOOT]

SCENE: The Gallows in Vashanka’s Square. Two captured criminals - Ugh the Barbarian and Fleck the Burglar wait solemnly for their fate. You are both captives at the hanging block located in Vashanka’s Square outside the Governor’s Palace.

You have your hands bound behind your back and are standing beside each other on a raised platform with nooses tied around your necks. A small crowd of onlookers has gathered to watch the entertainment. Two city guards oversee proceedings. A man calls out from the crowd “Let’s see them dance! I want to see them dance on air! (laughter)”. It is impossible to tell where the comment came from. You quickly scan the twenty or so onlookers faces gathered in front of the gallows. They are a mixture of different townspeople: S’Danzo, urchins, beggars and street scum. You notice there is none that looks familiar. A non-descript government official shuffles forward and unrolls a piece of parchment.

Government Official “By decree of the Prince Governor, in accordance with the laws of our fair city, these criminals are hereby sentenced to death by hanging for their numerous crimes against the citizens of Sanctuary. These crimes include: assault on a Hellhound, theft, smuggling, association with known criminals and murder. Let all citizens assembled here bear witness that justice has been served. His Excellency. Prince Kidakathis. Protector of Sanctuary and servant of the Rankan Empire. 0014”. The official steps back and signals to the executioner who is waiting nearby.

If a rescue attempt was going to be made, now would be the time. You look to the rooftops and high walls nearby searching for an unlikely rescuer. Nothing. You say a silent prayer to the Gods. Your mouth is dry making it hard to swallow. At any moment the executioner will activate the trapdoor on which you are standing. Not long now. The end is near. The anticipation of your imminent death is agonizing. You glance at your friend beside you. Companions in life and now companions in death. He has a look of steely determination in his eyes. Time for one final joke. One last insult. One last laugh.

Ugh “If we get out of this I am going to kill you!”
FLECK “Yeah, sure… you will have to catch me first”.

You are jolted back to reality by a loud CRASH! as the executioner triggers the trapdoor on which you are standing. You immediately drop, helpless to control your decent. For a moment time seems to stop. Memories of people from your past flash through your mind. Jubal and his hawkmasks, Myrtis the Lady of the Night, Jake the fence, Jang the peasant, Argentia the S’Danzo and others. In your remaining seconds of life you relive encounters you have had throughout the city: the Bazaar, The Golden Lion, The Maze, the epic battle on the rooftops, the attempted rescue of that townsperson in his home and killing the assailant with a precesion strike through his eye! Again you are wrenched back to reality. This time by the sharp pain of the noose tightening around your neck. This is the end. Darkness encircles you.

Suddenly you are aware of a bright light. You feel a strange flash of heat. The white light, it is burning! Without warning the rope above you catches fire. You can smell the odour of singed rope. Your prayers have been answered! Or so it seems. You begin to pass out. Strangely, the pain has gone. The last thing you remember is seeing a shadowy figure approaching, cloaked and hooded. He has strange glowing eyes. The crowd parts like a curtain as the stranger moves towards you. Chaos follows. People scatter like leaves, some screaming in terror. Fear washes over you and then darkness.
I had long term plans for this campaign and wanted the PC to eventually face the dragon. That would have given them a big incentive to build their strength and look for powerful artifacts along the way.

We stopped when they were level 6 unfortunately. I will surely try to reboot that campaign and story eventually  ;D

Reboot, Reboot, Reboot!
It was a lot of work to do so but i rebooted my very first campaign after 25yrs! Same pcs, same setting, new adventures. Digging up the players old character sheets in my garage was so exciting... like finding buried treasure. They were lvl 2 but had lots of history and stories from the old campaign we played as teenagers. Things ended on a sad note in that first campaign with both PC's being hung for murder! Or so they thought! Turns out a mystery magician arrives and saves them by setting the hangman's ropes on fire!

I created a loose plot around why he saved them (details were sketchy back then but it bought me time to add detail over time), whisked one of the pcs away (Barbarian sold into slavery forced to fight as a gladiator in the arena in a far off city, earns his freedom and returns to the city he was sold in, still a wanted criminal he adopts a new identity, seeks out his pc companion who he hasnt seen in nearly a year).

The other pc, a burglar is nursed back to health by a mystery retired assassin (again details were sketchy to start with). The assassin is working for the good magician who rescued them and the burglar pc is being trained for a dangerous mission to infiltrate the local assassins guild and kill its leader. It later is revealed the assassin guild is allies with the evil vampire worshipping cult and the pcs are caught up in a larger plot between the forces of good and evil.
Rolemaster / Re: What is the average age of Rolemaster players ?
« Last post by dkenady on September 20, 2017, 11:23:19 AM »
I've been gaming since 1980, and for over 30 years have been playing Rolemaster with the same group of friends.  I'm 55.  Also I have a group that are playing RM, they are in their 20's.
Rolemaster / Re: What is the average age of Rolemaster players ?
« Last post by Wolfhound on September 20, 2017, 10:43:18 AM »
Saw the black and white Rolemaster ads in Dragon Magazine, which intrigued me, so I bought it in '82 and have been a major fan and GM of it ever since.  With 95%  of my GMing and 50% of my playing  experience being with Rolemaster.  Have GMed for ages ranging from 6 to 60's (with the 6 year old being my brother, who is now in his late 30's and is still a fan), while I will be turning 50 in a few months. 
I had long term plans for this campaign and wanted the PC to eventually face the dragon. That would have given them a big incentive to build their strength and look for powerful artifacts along the way.

We stopped when they were level 6 unfortunately. I will surely try to reboot that campaign and story eventually  ;D
Rolemaster Software / Re: New skills in ERA
« Last post by Voriig Kye on September 20, 2017, 06:40:55 AM »
When adding skills from the Character Sheet module, the stats can't be changed.
If instead of creating a new skill, you create a specialization of an existing skill, you get the same stats as that skill. You can use this if another skill in the same category has the desired stats (you would just need to rename the skill afterwards and you're done).

From what you ask, I guess you are more interested in adding skills to the standard skill list that is offered to all new characters.
That skill list, together with the stats for each, can be edited in the configuration files. There are a number of old posts about this in the advanced customization thread.

I suggest you read what's mentioned there, and use that thread for any questions you might have about the customization of your skill list.

The same goes for the races. The free base package of ERA comes with just 2 races, and you can add more by purchasing additional packages on RPGNow. Since no ICE product currently on sale contains the MERP races, I can't publish them, so you would need to create them yourself.
This just means adding a new file in the "Configuration/Races" directory, following the example of the common man and wood elf provided. If you need assistance with this, you can post them on the advanced customization thread and we'll do our best to help.

About the adolescence skill ranks, I'm not sure if you are using RMC or RMFRP. In the case of RMC, adolescence ranks are not defined by race like it used to go for MERP, you would need to assign them manually once the character is created.

If you are using RMFRP, the concept of culture will allow you to define fixed skill ranks at character creation, just like adolescence.
The Nomad culture will give you roughly the equivalent of a Rohirrim.
You could also create your own cultures by tinkering with the files in "RMFRP/Configuration/Cultures" and "RMFRP/Configuration/SubCultures".
RMC/RM2 / Re: Rolemaster Pure/Hybrid Spell Users too weak.
« Last post by Peter R on September 20, 2017, 05:39:07 AM »
If he/she takes even 1 pt. of damage before the spell takes effect then that's all that time wasted.

What gives you that idea? There are no rules for damage interrupting casting -- it would take a stun or some other serious injury to prevent a spell caster completing their spell.

For the rest, yes, spell users are somewhat limited at low levels. However, consider that:

* Instant spells don't require preparation.
* As the caster levels, lower level spells require less preparation.
* If low PP are a concern (and, in RM2, they can be very low), you can make multipliers more common, give everyone (or just pure and hybrids) 10PP to begin with (this will dramatically increase the staying power of low level spell users without dramatically enhancing them at higher levels), or give +1 or 2 or 3 PP per level.

Also, consider that low level RM characters tend to be quite weak in general. If this is a problem, you can always start at higher level (I like 4 in RMSS).

    I've been trying to find rules on how a spell could be interrupted and I can't find any. Some results from criticals are obvious like getting knocked unconscious and going into coma which would definitely stop a spell cast, but as far as stun goes I don't think that would interrupt spells. Stun would prevent an attack, halve OB for a parry, and -50 on maneuvers. I'm assuming an attack does not include spell casting. I'm thinking that the stunned caster might get -50 on his/her spell failure roll, but could still attempt the spell cast.
    This brings up another question...If a caster spent 1+ rounds preparing a spell and for some reason he/she decided to do something different instead of casting the spell he/she prepared, could the same spell be cast later on without preparing the spell all over again assuming he/she doesn't try to cast a different spell?

The effect you describe is exactly what the Spell Store spell does so the answer is no you cannot pre-prepare a spell and then cast it at a later time without preparation.

Also, Spell Law says...
On the round of spell effect (i.e., when
it is actually “cast” or “thrown”) a spell caster
uses 75% activity, and so only has 25% left
(which means they may not cast another
spell). If a caster is downed, stunned, or
killed during preparation, or in the casting
round before their casting action takes
place, the spell is canceled but no power
points are expended.
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