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Aecyr-Grene / Eskadron Heritage
« Last post by GroverTib on November 23, 2017, 09:09:17 PM »
Eskadron to marka stworzona przez niemiecką firmę Pikeur Reitmoden Brinkmann GmbH & Co. KG, której siedziba mieści się w Werther – mieście położonym około 4 km od Bielefeld w północnej części Westfalii. Sama marka Pikeur powstała w 1957 roku i była pierwszą na świecie firmą produkującą odzież jeździecką na skalę przemysłową. W 1977 roku powstała natomiast marka Eskadron, jako odrębna część marki Pikeur specjalizująca się w produkcji sprzętu jeździeckiego przeznaczonego dla konia, jak derki, czapraki, kantary, uwiązy czy ochraniacze.
Siedziba Pikeur Brinkmann w 1997 roku
W 1990 roku rozwój marek Pikeur/Eskadron pozwolił na budowę osobnej siedziby dla produkcji odzieży i sprzętu jeździeckiego. Marka Eskadron okazała się wielkim sukcesem ze swoimi sezonowymi kolekcjami Classic Sports, która słynie ze stonowanych kolorów i nie przesadzonego designu, Next Generation skierowanej do młodzieży, Nici skierowanej dla najmłodszych adeptów jeździectwa, a ostatnio także bardzo popularnej, ekskluzywnej kolekcji Heritage. Rok 2015 był przełomowy dla marki Eskadron. To właśnie w roku 2015 cała firma Pikeur zaliczyła największy wzrost w swojej historii. W roku 2017 w Pikeur podjęto decyzję o utworzeniu nowej kolekcji o nazwie Equestrian Fanatics, która po raz pierwszy kierowana jest do jeźdźców. Charakteryzuje się ona lajfstajlowym charakterem, a przy tym nawiązuje do zainteresowań grupy docelowej.
Other Settings / Re: Are there Goblins in Middle Earth?
« Last post by Hurin on November 23, 2017, 11:21:04 AM »
Fascinating stuff! Thanks for the explanation OLF!
Other Settings / Re: Are there Goblins in Middle Earth?
« Last post by Lorgalis on November 23, 2017, 10:50:18 AM »
Tolkien also started the trend of writing dwarfs as dwarves. By mistake.
Other Settings / Re: Are there Goblins in Middle Earth?
« Last post by OLF, i.e. Olf Le Fol on November 23, 2017, 09:48:44 AM »
Wikipedia has a detailed chapter about the matter. In a nutshell, Tolkien is inconsistent over time about whether goblins and orcs are the same or not...

The fun bit is about "hobgoblin", about which Tolkien made a mistake, thinking "hob" would mean "larger" whereas it is "traditionally used to mean a smaller entity, not a larger one." Alas, because of that, most fantasy games (D&D first and foremost) would make hobgoblins larger goblins. Yes, even experts (since Tolkien was a linguist after all)  make mistakes! Too bad people would then take their initial wrong view rather than the later mistake admission. ;)
I don't "play" RM2: I just GM.  :P
And, well, NPCs are favoured when it comes to their build. ;)
RMC/RM2 / Re: Stacking blur with X
« Last post by Majyk on November 23, 2017, 01:45:41 AM »
Depending upon the game, most have houserules regarding stacking bonuses.
For my games, I would allow stacking but at a half bonus for everything after the highest bonus item.

It keeps the economy going for magic items at higher levels - if you buy and sell 'em - but also allows for combat parrying to still be relevant later on for foes where a PC would otherwise have a +40 bonus from a +20 and two +10 items, they instead turn into a +20 total instead.
RMSS/FRP / Re: Reverse Stroke
« Last post by craggles on November 22, 2017, 01:26:53 PM »
Ah, thank you - lots of good tips  :)
RMC/RM2 / Re: The sound of a lightning bolt
« Last post by Spectre771 on November 22, 2017, 11:31:48 AM »
This is the sort of thing where I, as a meteorologist ne physicist, have to rein in my reality.

Very cool!

I think this was not an issue for us as we used only the Elemental Companion and treated the elements/elementals as defined in EC, not as a spell that causes lightning the we would experience in the "real life world."  The lightning is summoned from the elemental plane and makes the attacks.  It wasn't conjured from the surrounding real life world causing heat, sound, vacuum, and subsequent thunder-clap, all other real world physics one would experience.  Having worked on rescue for victims of a lightning strike, I can say it is a horrifying sight.  Absolutely horrifying.  The person standing next to the victim did suffer heart palpitations and was thrown a good distance either from heat/shock wave or "Oh crap!" response.

Yes, the sound and heat and surrounding damage are physically real. But Magic. And Balance.

I would side with Magic and balance too.  As much as I love RM for the realism and simulation feel to the game, we can hold back from the real-world physics just enough to have fun and to keep it "mostly" real.  One could simply argue that the lightning attack (assuming not using EC rules) is "just powerful enough" for the attack without roasting everyone in the nearby area.  I would definitely incorporate these added effects for a spell failure and especially for an extraordinary spell failure.

Rolemaster classic, spell law, page 75:

"Lightning is always associated with thunder, and can be heard from miles away outdoors, indoors the noise alone will be enough to temporarily deafen people and break delicate objects and glass windows."

A Shock bolt will "sizzle and crack... inaudible beyond normal doors or walls".

I really love these rules and it looks to me that they aren't intended to be optional.

This is an excellent point, thank you for posting that info.  I've never played RMC, but if the rule is worded specifically like that, then my idea of "lightning sizzling and crackling like a taser" would be defined as a Shock Bolt and the Lightning Bolt is far more devastating.  With the D&D group I game with, the DM doesn't allow "atmospheric" attacks indoors/underground.  Meteor Strike, Lightning attacks can't be used as the meteor can't be pulled from the sky and the lightning can't be drawn from the heavens.  We've argued our side plenty of times, but we inevitably end up in a dungeon crawl and the mages are hamstrung with their attack spells.
RMC/RM2 / Favorite/Best/Oldest PC (segue from Hoew powerful are your PC's)
« Last post by Spectre771 on November 22, 2017, 11:10:26 AM »
The idea for this thread sprung up from the other thread:
How powerful are your PC's? (

Members are posting their favorite/best/strongest PC's and stats and there are some great builds.  I'd love to see more stats for your favorite/best PCs.  Please try to explain the high stats or bonuses the PC has.  I know a lot of these PC's have been "alive" since the 80's but I think it would be great to see them.  Please feel free to repost the PC stats even if you posted in the other thread.

Here's my oldest/best/highest ranked PC and some stats:
This was the first PC I ever made for RM and the person who helped me roll him up was a huge spell caster fan.  Sadly, my stats are in all the wrong categories.  I should have had far more DP at each level and lower stats in the "magical" stats.  I may make up another version with the same stat values, but in the stats that would be better suited to a fighter type, not a mage.

Cavalier - lvl 8 - MAX HP: 263 - x4 Concussion hits delivered for first five rounds of melee, x2 concussion hits normally

IN: 96
EM: 93
PR: 90
QU: 91
SD: 64
AG: 91
ME: 72
RE: 67

Potion awarded to the PC after major campaign (two college semesters of gaming twice a week) +6 to Prime req's Temp and Potential

CO: 102 (Innate stat abilities: Tolerance - Character may take 150% total hit points before becoming unconscious)
ST: 108  (Innate stat abilities: Shocking Blows - all melee strikes yield double concussion points)
Arm Greaves of Power - double concussion hits for first 5 rounds of melee
                                 - 30% chance to nullify arm crits

DB w/o shield: 45
DB vs. melee: 90
DB vs. missile: 100
  +10 Wall Shield can wield 1-handed due to ST
  +10 Ring of Presence - Bright aura surrounds caster granting +10 DB due to attackers looking at the bright aura (+10 to Social Skills as well)
  +10 Mithril Armour (AT 16) non-encumbering

Battle Totem - Nullifies Fear, Stun, Depression

Battle Axe: 168  Shieldbreaker (RMC-I pg. 58: Shieldbreaker - non-magical armour treated as AT1, magical armour RR vs. level 30, destroys weapons)
Ranks 64, Stat 55, level 24, item 25 Holy

Broadsword: 163 Blade of Quickness  (+20 to initiative, two attacks per round)
Ranks 64, Stat 55, level 24, item 20

Heavy Crossbow: 138 (Repeating crossbow, 2 bolts per round for 5 rounds)
Ranks 64, Stat 40, level 24, item 10

Dealing x4 concussion hits with a battle axe vs. AT1 is awesome!  The GM's countered this by making him a human pin cushion and AT16 is terrible vs. small pointy objects. <sigh>  This forced me to take tons of arrow damage with a battle axe or use the sword and board and not deal heinous amounts of damage.  It balanced out.
RMC/RM2 / Re: The sound of a lightning bolt
« Last post by Jengada on November 22, 2017, 10:31:30 AM »
This is the sort of thing where I, as a meteorologist ne physicist, have to rein in my reality. If you're going to put in the real sound effects of lightning, then you're implying the real thermal effects, and more. If someone unleashes a lightning bolt in a 10' corridor, they're going to superheat the air and anyone in the corridor for some time to come is going to suffer serious burns. Lightning also kills more people by indirect voltage difference, than direct strike. Theoretically, everyone within about 10' or maybe even 100' of the target will be at risk of heart-stopping currents running through their bodies. Anyone in metal footwear is at higher risk.

Bottom line for me, the spell isn't powerful enough to drag these real-physics consequences with it. If you choose to include them, be ready for players to actually use them to their advantage. "Hmm, I can deafen all the orcs with one bolt..." or "If I target the knight in full plate, he's got the worst RR but I can also affect everyone else around him." And "If the wizard we're chasing threw that lightning bolt, we would've heard and seen it across the prairie, and could've figured where he was."
Yes, the sound and heat and surrounding damage are physically real. But Magic. And Balance.

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