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Welcome back to the fold, man!

Lots to rediscover and can confirm a similar stickyness to SW/RM.

Came for the MERP cover art, stayed for the Jaimani pendants/crowns/swords adventures arc back in the day!
Loved adding Norek into the mix for base adventures and broadening the PCs’ horizons with Jaiman and Haalkitaine’s info.

Used to love reading how other GMs mapped the adventures from the books with their own groups as compared to my own’s experiences and path.
Welcome aboard - I look forward to hearing more.  :D
RMSS/FRP / Re: Construct Companion
« Last post by rustorod on Today at 01:10:46 AM »
Thanks JDALE!!  I like the cart  :)  We have a player who plays a thief that would love such a cart.
RMSS/FRP / Re: Construct Companion
« Last post by jdale on Today at 01:05:51 AM »
I would say yes. You get all the spell lists for creating, modifying, detecting, analyzing various types of constructs, golems, etc. I use it lightly but there is a PC in my game with (slightly modified versions of) two of the spell lists. The party has an animated wagon which drives itself around, responds to voice commands, and in order to look normal is "pulled" by the laziest draft animal in the world.

   Where to start? heh. First a giant thanks for the many hours and years of enjoyment. Rolemaster and Shadow World were a big part of our roleplaying gaming lives from the early '80s up until the 21st Century.
   The '80s and '90s were awesome for RPGs, we played all sorts, from Gamma World, to Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer/Elric, All the ICE games, V&V,Twilight 2000, Battlelords of the 23rd Century, Emperor of the Fading Suns, and more...but RM and Shadow World were our go-to system and milieu and my personal favourite. (I adore that's it's a planet in a solar system in a (our) galaxy among many many other reasons).

   Sadly it's been 17-years since we've indulged; but that looks to change in the moderate future...which brings me here. I've only visisted a few times over the years, to see if there was anything new and interesting to acquire. But it was too frustrating to hang around the forums long 'cuz everyone was having fun and I couldn't O_o. Looks like the hey-day for forum activity was 2008-2012ish...but I do see current movement here...

   ...and holy crap, Mr. Amthor is the forum mod!

   A lot of forum back-reading to do it seems, so far indulged in any number of long nights worth. I see new updated product in the works? (!)...and I think I'm missing the modern Emers, ugh. Last I got was Atlas 4th ed., Powers of Light and Dark, and Xaar. Great works. I've always enjoyed reading and re-reading all the timelines and lore and info and imagining how it all fit together and what may happen.

   That's probably long-winded enough =p. I'm interested in making some posts (some observations, some queries mayhaps; hope that's cool) so I thought the polite thing to do would be to introduce myself first. I'll do my due dilligence and scour old threads so I don't bring up something that was discussed at length a few pages previous hehe.

   - Implementor
Rolemaster / Re: Most enjoyable power level to GM or to play?
« Last post by Implementor on Today at 12:34:10 AM »
   The ride through Low-level is always fun, as long as there's the possibility of making your way to moderate and high level play.

   Low level (1-7ish) is fun because everything is dangerous. Everything is 'new'. New character to play/explore, new people to meet, new environment to explore, new plots to hatch or be swept up in. You're a small fish in a large pond. Everything is 'difficult': not very skilled, not wealthy, not connected, not powerful.
 But I think there's a lot of progression-satisfaction at work as well, as you can gain levels rather quickly for a while. So your options continually expand as your skills and spells (and possibly material goods) blossom and grow. It's the 'build-up' phase and the journey can set up all sorts of play in the later levels.

   Moderate level is just low-level but everything is on the table heh.

   Small sample-size but it seems high-level stuff is less popular (decreased focus on progression?) and looked on as difficult to facilitate. Maybe it requires a bit of a shift in thinking from both the players and GM but it doesn't help that so many RPG products imply or straight up say that higher level PCs are difficult. Shouldn't be. The 'characters are too powerful' trope never cut it with me.

   Nearly every fantasy book written is about 'high/extreme-level' people, and they have all sorts of difficulties and goals and adventures etc.

  -Elric of Melnibone- Master Sorceror of his age, Compacts with Elemental-rulers, has the ear of Arioch, and wields the most powerful artifact in the multiverse.

  -The Black Company- High end mage-types (The Ten Who Were Taken), powerful warriors and just as deadly enemies/plots.

  -Vlad Taltos series- Virtually every characters is extreme-level, master sorcerors, warriors, and assassins wieding sould-destroying artifacts. Add in some gods and alien threats for flavour. Doesn't lack for adventures ranging from mundane criminality to political shenanigans to epic magic threats.

  -Malazan Book of the Fallen- 10 books featuring everything from demi-gods, teleporting mage-assassins, long-thought dead ancient races of terrible power, individual duels to massive battles involving magic rituals and demons, interesting cultures, continent hopping, among much more.

   All sorts of gaming possibilities open up with higher levels. Unless one really dislikes such play there shouldn't really be any problem coming up with activities and obstacles.
RMSS/FRP / Construct Companion
« Last post by rustorod on Today at 12:25:20 AM »
I saw a copy for a decent price on Ebay.  Was wondering if this was a useful tome if I wanted to have NPC's or even characters construct golems, etc.?

Rolemaster / Re: Most enjoyable power level to GM or to play?
« Last post by B Hanson on February 19, 2018, 07:11:37 PM »
We just ran through our third iteration of Legends of Shadow World. 50th lvl adventures work! Im pleasantly surprised and rolemaster holds up where other systems dont.
Rolemaster / Re: Most enjoyable power level to GM or to play?
« Last post by intothatdarkness on February 19, 2018, 06:47:37 PM »
I tend to prefer games below about level 15 on the fantasy side. More options in my view. I'd say my favorite is between level one (I always start my games there) and ten, because that's when you really see characters 'grow' and develop into capable adventurers. Non fantasy it doesn't matter all that much. Sure they've got more skills and they're better with those skills, but one bullet can still end things in a heartbeat and there's no magic healing. I'll run high or low level games there. It's mostly a matter of balancing challenges and adversaries.
Shadow World / Re: Misc SW material
« Last post by B Hanson on February 19, 2018, 11:57:14 AM »
Some more Shadow World fun over at the RMBlog:


Review of 1st ed. Parchment The Iron Wind.
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