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HARP Software / Re: bug report
« Last post by darb on Today at 09:48:01 AM »
But don't forget the default thing, it is a problem  ;)
HARP Software / Re: AutoHarp - Update on 2.3
« Last post by darb on Today at 09:46:45 AM »
I understand about the price, you should be compensated in a way that makes sense for you to put the work in. But I do think it is a bit on the high side. The 4 products (for the fantasy game) are really best thought of as one product for playing. At very least Architect should be packaged in because without the ability to add things like training packages the app is very limited for practical use. You could do something like, by $40 of the products and get the remaining ones free. So buy the base and Arch. and get Magic and Martial, or buy those two and get Arch. Still gets you $40 and people like to get 'free' stuff and might be incentivized to buy more. Do you know how many customers buy how much of each? Anyway, something to think on.

The help section is much better, but the videos were fantastic. I didn't futz with the help so much because the videos. 
HARP Software / Re: Dev pts a bit off?
« Last post by darb on Today at 09:31:46 AM »
That is probably it, it was a hybrid char.
HARP Software / Re: bug report
« Last post by darb on Today at 09:31:18 AM »
That sounds great. I think maybe on the skills page show the unmodified score, but on the OB/DB page show modified. That would maybe make it a bit more clear. Ditto with the printed char sheet, or at least show the adjustment in the list of modifiers. It wasn't obvious to me how the number was derived when I saw it on the skills list.
HARP Software / Re: Dev pts a bit off?
« Last post by Monk on Today at 09:00:15 AM »
It seems to be taking an automatic 5 for something. I don't remember coding any preliminary checks UNLESS you created a hybrid. I think there may be something there for that. I'll look into it.

HARP Software / Re: bug report
« Last post by Monk on Today at 08:57:44 AM »
Is it applying the armor penalty for the skills. The print page SHOULD show both. I don't have it in the main app, however I believe you can turn it off by going to the armor tab and just removing the armor with the check box.

I will look into the other issues accordingly.

Side note: I personally was a bit concerned with the armor penalty being automatically in there, but a few people asked for it so therefore I but it in there. I'm looking into ways to make it easier to understand without cluttering up the UI as 2.3 is an attempt to "clean up" things.
HARP Software / Re: AutoHARP 2.0
« Last post by Monk on Today at 08:52:57 AM »

Check out for the full version. Thank you for your interest.

HARP Software / Re: AutoHarp - Update on 2.3
« Last post by Monk on Today at 08:51:42 AM »
Hi Darb. Thanks for the input. It's nice to hear constructive criticism and I definitely LOVE constructive criticism. I want to know where the strengths and weaknesses of the software are. Granted I will sometimes have a counter argument and not all experiences are the same but it definitely helps. The reviews I also think stem from a miscommunication on how to install the software. You also mentioned the software is undocumented. Does the Help section not work? If so, I have to fix that. The documentation with the help section is probably not intuitive.

Funny thing... I don't know the market for RPG software so I honestly do not know where the pricing "should" be. It is a complex piece of software and it's just me (one person) working on it since the beginning so I definitely know it's unpolished and I doubt it will ever get to be completely polished simply because I just don't have the 8 hours a day to work on it. I get about 1 hour here and there. Therefore I certainly do not think it should be priced as professional software is priced as I am a one man team and one man teams are always limited in scope, time, and quality assurance. I am definitely on board for "fixing" the pricing. Let me talk to Nicholas about some ideas and we will get back to it.

I also realize the changing the price now is only going to make those who bought it at full price angry. Therefore I will definitely look towards ways to make them "happy" in some regards. If it a free voucher for an add-on they don't have or something. Again I'll talk to Nicholas and I will get back to this. Thanks again for the feedback.
General Discussion / Re: Resin Models
« Last post by egdcltd on Today at 08:06:15 AM »
Also very cool. Yes, I'd like a 3D printer but it's a bit of a needless extravagance at the moment.
HARP Software / Re: AutoHarp - Update on 2.3
« Last post by NicholasHMCaldwell on Today at 04:05:38 AM »
AutoHARP 2.3 is now available. The AutoHARP Folkways dataset will follow soon.

Best wishes,
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