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RMSS/FRP / Re: Reverse Stroke
« Last post by jdale on Today at 05:37:26 PM »
I take reverse stroke as useful mainly when you are flanked. You could, for example, use a shield against a foe in front while using reverse stroke against a foe behind. That gives you some defense against both foes. You could also use reverse stroke if your foes are taking for granted that you will parry the one(s) in front, so the person behind you neglects to parry.

We've never used the formal RMSS round, though, so I can't say much about how it would work in practice.
RMSS/FRP / Re: Reverse Stroke
« Last post by craggles on Today at 12:11:13 PM »
In that case, what penalties are there for turning around and dealing with the attack front on with your entire OB?
RMSS/FRP / Re: Reverse Stroke
« Last post by HawksNut on Today at 11:31:42 AM »
I play this just as Jdale said. An attack in a direction other than your front and yes you can parry.
RMC/RM2 / Re: Stacking blur with X
« Last post by Jengada on Today at 10:34:34 AM »
If the fluid movement spell was interpreted as raising his QU to give the +15 DB, then it's perfectly reasonable to allow it to stack with Blur.
HARP / Wedding at Axebridge
« Last post by Terry K. Amthor on Today at 09:12:13 AM »
The HARP adventure Wedding at Axebridge is now available in print!
RMC/RM2 / Re: Stacking blur with X
« Last post by Sable Wyvern on Today at 05:53:19 AM »
I think it states in spell law that blur doesn't stack with aura spells.

That is correct.

I'm not aware of any rules in RM stating that DB bonuses don't stack. Like spells don't stack (you can only get a bonus from one aura, for example) and spells with contradictory effects don't stack (eg, blur and aura), but if you're getting a bonus for being more graceful (fluid combat) and another for being harder to see (blur) I don't see why both wouldn't apply.

The only issue with DB is allowing a lot of permanent-effect DB increasing items (+20 armour, +20 shield and +20 ring of defense add up to some pretty absurd bonuses).
RMC/RM2 / Re: Stacking blur with X
« Last post by Malim on Today at 04:00:52 AM »
I think it states in spell law that blur doesn't stack with aura spells.
RMC/RM2 / Re: Stacking blur with X
« Last post by Peter R on Today at 01:47:16 AM »
I would allow them to stack.
@Voring Kye

Thanks for your clarification on the "+15" and how to customize it in ERA.
I've been having that "+15" applied to RR on a somehow case by case basis and never directly write it down to the RR bonus columns on the character sheet. :o Maybe it's because I started playing Rolemaster mainly with RM Classic ruleset, and her Character Law's character creation overview didn't include the "+15" in the character record example.

Anyway, now I've got it, and I really appreciate your kind response.
ERA is neat for playing Rolemaster!  ;)

Thank you!
@thiha in effect, ERA will always add +15 to the RR vs the character's own realm.
Since this was never presented as an optional rule in any of the books, I never thought of offering a chance to "turn it off".

If you have a house rule that implies not offering this bonus, the only way to adjust it in ERA for now would be to manually set a -15 RR to each character's own realm.

Apart from that, I'm really glad to have users in Japan!
Thanks for your interest in ERA
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