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RMC/RM2 / Re: Roco I question
« Last post by Peter R on Today at 02:45:28 AM »
They way it says 'heedless' would say to me that they charge in without any preparation at all if they fail the roll. So in these cases I would not allow the casting of spells before as then it becomes a controlled charge rather than a heedless charge.
Rolemaster / Re: How do you handle the gambling skill?
« Last post by brole on Today at 02:25:06 AM »
I'd look at averaging skills and stats based on the type of gambling -  capping this average on the gambling skill total.

For random gambling such as card games combine character gambling skill with memory stat and math skill. Set the difficulty to absurd level or similar due to randomness. Give a bonus for the longer the player has watched the card draws ie. law of averages, card counting etc.

Gambling skill in companion 2 includes cheating to improve odds. In these cases I'd use a separate subterfuge skill roll such as sleight of hand and average with gambling to increase (or spoil) their chances.

For gambling such as horse racing combine the character's gambling skill with their riding and animal skills if they are able to directly see the horses and jockeys before the race begins. Set difficulty by the number of racers.

For gladiatorial contests use the character's weapon skills or lack thereof are as a modifier to the gambling skill roll. Maybe add other modifiers appraisal skill and detect magic of weapons and armour.
Rolemaster / Re: Making Character Sheets Using Notepad
« Last post by Jengada on September 23, 2017, 07:09:57 PM »
I'm making a character sheet on Google Drive. My players can copy it and make their own, if they want, but if all goes as planned, it'll autocomplete things like stat bonuses for skills, RR bonuses, etc.
RMC/RM2 / Roco I question
« Last post by Malim on September 23, 2017, 01:03:20 PM »
Page 50, skill at arms table curse terrible fearlessness. How does this work?
Can a semi spell user cast a few spells before charging in?
Or does he draw weapon and engage?
Rolemaster / Re: Making Character Sheets Using Notepad
« Last post by silarkhar on September 23, 2017, 11:35:20 AM »
I'm using Roll20 and I hope to start a RMC campaign in a not-so-far future. Someone could show me an example of character sheet on Google's online apps ?
Rolemaster / Re: Making Character Sheets Using Notepad
« Last post by Peter R on September 23, 2017, 07:56:06 AM »
I agree with the sentiment, never use notepad. I use notepad++ for coding.

An alternative to OpenOffice is libreoffice which I feel is marginally superior but that could be just opinion.

Another option is to use Google Drive and Google's online apps. You can use their word processor or spreadsheet app for your sheets and have the benefit of dome auto calculation.

Another advantage of using the online apps is that you can access them from almost anywhere and you can share the sheet with the player. You can also track the changes.
Rolemaster Software / Re: Rolemaster Combat Minion - RM combat tracking software
« Last post by Merkir on September 23, 2017, 01:52:47 AM »
For some unknown reason, my laptop has decided to reset my RCM back to the free version (after running fine since I purchased it in February). Unfortunately, I can't find the email with the licence key. How can I get the licence key resent? Do I need to request this from RPGNow?

Log in to the online store you purchased it from, go to the product itself, Add to Cart (it will be $0.00 because you've already purchased it), confirm the purchase, and you will be emailed a purchase receipt (for $0.00) which includes your License # and Licence Key. Cheers.
Rolemaster / Re: Making Character Sheets Using Notepad
« Last post by Majyk on September 22, 2017, 11:32:50 PM »
Never use Notepad for anything!

There is Notepad++ but even then, just get the free suite of tools from OpenOffice.
Rolemaster / Making Character Sheets Using Notepad
« Last post by mark99913 on September 22, 2017, 11:15:37 PM »
    I'm trying to create my own character sheets using notepad, but it's been a lot of trouble. I always need to go back to a line and make changes using delete, backspace, and etc. so that I can put as much information on a single sheet as possible. I see no way to know how much I can fit on a single line without going over the allowed space. Once I'm ready to print I look at the preview and the page is a 6 page long mess because all the times I go back and edit lines. I need to be able to print a page exactly as it looks after I finish without all my changes using delete, backspace, and etc. screwing up the length of my lines. Is there a simpler way to do this? Or should I use a different program other than Notepad that gives me more options to prevent this from happening?
Rolemaster / Re: What is the average age of Rolemaster players ?
« Last post by Grinnen Baeritt on September 22, 2017, 05:48:30 PM »
I'm 52 and most of my friends are around the same, but it's been a few years since we've played.
I'm snapping at your heels at 51. To date I've only played RM once (lasting about 4 sessions) and Merp (twice, once for 6 sessions and once as a Convention scenario). None of these games since the Millennium. :(

In fact, I've only run two campaigns, both in the mid-90's... and only run few Play by Forum games (each taking over a year) since that. I've run a couple of convention scenarios and played one game of Harp (which aborted after 2 sessions) since then :(

I'm guessing the next time I'll play will probably be either a rare scenario run at a convention, or perhaps, if I've not retired by then... RMU when it's finalised and released.
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