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Rolemaster Software / Re: Roll20 Rolemaster Combat Minion module
« Last post by Merkir on June 23, 2017, 07:25:08 PM »
just trying to revive this topic. Our group are just getting into Roll20 and love Combat Minion, so I would be happy to chip in and get this one over the line. Any ideas where it is at or if it needs a Kickstarter or something?

It's an interesting question. The main considerations seem to be development time, and demand. The former I can answer - I have very little spare time to do this unfortunately. Demand is unknown. Looking at the number of Minion users, while it's gratifying to see it in the hundreds, it's still a relatively small bunch of people in the grand scheme of things. And only a (probably very small) minority would be using Roll20, and an even smaller subset would want Roll20+Minion.

I don't have an obvious answer. It might be time to see if someone else might want to take over that particular software development. If anyone has further suggestions or ideas, please come forward.
Rolemaster Software / BUG: ERA not copying stats
« Last post by Frunobulax on June 23, 2017, 05:07:21 PM »
So I have ERA installed and it's working fine.  I can use all the modules without a problem.  So I know it isn't a technical issue with the installation.  But when I complete the character creation process and click "save", the character sheet does not have the stats on it - they are all zero.  The other stuff carries over, like backgrounds etc.  But I have to manually copy down the stats and enter them in the character sheet, which is annoying.  Any ideas?  Thanks!
Rolemaster Software / Re: ERA in 2017 - What next?
« Last post by Frunobulax on June 23, 2017, 05:04:46 PM »
With a quarter of the year behind us, 2 new updates and 3 packages so far in the year, I wanted to check what you think should be the focus for ERA in the months to come

Voriig, I mean this with all respect to you for what you've created - it's really helpful.  I realize that what I suggest will not happen, but I want to say it anyways.  And I have and do use the ERA software, mostly for character creation.

I think what you should do with ERA is to more or less scrap it and have you use your time and excellent programming skills working on the RMC ruleset and addons for Fantasy Grounds.  No offense, but lets' face it - Fantasy Grounds is light years beyond ERA in every way except character creation.  But the FG RMC rule set is really pretty far behind the others.  Despite your obvious skill, there's just no comparison between adventuring in FG versus ERA.  Not just graphically and atmospherically (though that is important), but in almost all aspects.   The combat resolution in ERA works well mechanically, but it's not a lot of fun looking at circles on a white web page background compared to all the images and battlemaps available for FG.  I think you are re-inventing the wheel, and it is sad to me.  I wish you worked for Fantasy Grounds or were a contributor.  The uleset could stand a ton of improvements, and you're just the guy to do them.

Again, this isn't an attack, and I have great respect for what you've done, but all this duplication of effort seems like a waste when it seems more logical to have everyone at FG and Iron Crown working to make the best possible tool for the game.  I realize you are probably loathe to give up your baby, but a better FG ruleset would be best for the Rolemaster system as a whole and would make it a more popular choice for FG players.

Anyways, thanks for listening, and best of luck whatever you do.
Fantasy Grounds Rulesets for ICE / What's in the future for FG RMC ruleset?
« Last post by Frunobulax on June 23, 2017, 04:49:31 PM »
Is there some kind of timeline/roadmap for features and additions to the RMC ruleset for Fantasy Grounds?  Will there be additional resource books/modules released?  I know there is some kind of "suggestions" page, but is there going to be future development/improvement beyond bug fixes and minor changes?  There is lots of stuff missing, especially a good character generation system that includes backgrounds, adolescence/apprenticeship and so on.  A character creation Wizard that steps you through it would be amazing.  I'm not complaining,w hat's there is not bad an way better than using all the paper charts.  But it seems to me that the other rulesets get a lot more love and are fancier.  I guess that makes sense if they sell better, but I love RMC and would like to see it match the features of the other games.  For example, in the 5e ruleset you can essentially click a button to level up your character and it automatically adds new abilities and so on.  A "level up" button for RMC would be amazing, that let you pick skills and make all associated rolls (stat gain, spell acquisition, power points, body development, etc).

Thanks for all the hard work, again I'm not complaining just making suggestions!
The ERA character creation system is a lot more detailed than what can be done in the Fantasy Grounds RMC ruleset.  Character creation, leveling up, background abilities, and skill development are all far superior and with the add-on content, many more races and skills are available.  It does have a feature to export characters to XML, but apparently it is not in the format that FG's character importer recognizes.  That kind of sucks.  I guess I could manually type in all the stuff, but that's a real PITA.  I know Iron Crown and FG supposedly work together - perhaps they could make it possible for FG to import characters created with ERA (and hopefully vice-versa).  This would be such a huge help!  Thanks.
Rolemaster Software / Re: ERA on raspberry pi
« Last post by allanon74 on June 23, 2017, 03:43:27 PM »
It seems that all works well... Installation of packages, import of characters.... In the next days I will have a game session, so I will test the speed.

Thanks a lot!
Gamers Seeking Gamers / Re: Forgotten Reealms RM2 play-by-post
« Last post by MrApollinax on June 23, 2017, 08:37:29 AM »
Curious: how much of the Companion material - if any - do you use? I'd be quite interested, although as I live in NZ, my posting can often lag behind people in other time zones.
Was that really necessary?

Sorry to step on your religious <whatevers>, but the Shadow World IS a work of Fiction and Imagination with real-world References.

And i did just that -- imagined a fictious real world reference.

PS: Shalom, Salam, Amen, Rama-Dama-Ding-Ding and all the others that where beneficial to today's Liberal Culture.
The Clergy of the Dia Khovaria (Space Master) of a certain rank all wear an 'integrated signet ring' which is a fusion of K'ta'viir and Space Master tech (wonder how that came about?), and those rings also function as Andraax keys.

Do you imply the "Jesus Christ and his Fellowship of the Twelve" where actually an Althan Secret Circle?


LOL!  Um, no, that never crossed my mind.

Do you imply... LOL

Was that really necessary?
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