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Rolemaster / Re: Recovery from poison effects
« Last post by RandalThor on Today at 09:15:42 AM »
The poison itself should tell you how it is healed (but it sounds like one made up by the GM, so you need to see how they want it dealt with). In the case of attribute damage I thought it was usually 1 point per day of rest, one after the other (so 10 points of Con damage and 10 points of Str damage equal 20 days of rest to remove totally). The not getting help as soon as possible I am assuming made things worse, because that allowed the poison to spread throughout their body, something that is always worse. (Though, funny enough, if the wound bled a lot - I am assuming it didn't as your character would likely be dead after 12 hrs of bleeding - it could have actually taken some of the poison with it, thusly lessening the effect.)

To speed up the healing, you either need to get the appropriate herbs or magical healing. Poison lore could be used to identify the poison and hopefully what is needed to deal with it and its effects. Of course, because they waited, they will most likely just be dealing with the effects as the poison has "run its course."
Rolemaster / Re: Paralyzed from neck and down
« Last post by RandalThor on Today at 09:06:06 AM »
Yeah, people do survive such things (I survived a broken neck without any paralysis, getting really lucky there), but there are many things the critical table doesn't (can't) take into consideration: such as numerous secondary and tertiary effects from getting hurt (like infections and/or the panic that may result), so a lot of that will still be up to the GM to interpret. At the very least, as you mention, they will not be able to survive on their own and need much care, depending upon the level of the group (and the current situation), perhaps more care than the other characters are able to provide. There are high level spells that heal nerve damage, but getting to such a healer could be a problem. I just thought of something: this could be a great divine intervention moment, especially if there is a plot thread you really want the group to tug on. (Of course, it could also be the opposite of divine intervention...)

Also, about the unconsciousness, it is entirely possible that he would not pass out. So he could be laying there awake, able to hear and see everything going on, but unable to act. Very scary, imo.

I totally get you about playing such a character, only in very certain situations can it be at all enjoyable. I once played in a Shadowrun 3rd Ed game of "high-power" where my friend played a magician who was a quadriplegic, but because he could just go astral, and his mental stats were very high his astral form was a monster, and he could still cast spells and summon really tough spirits, he was a super power unto himself basically. (The GM was totally unprepared for a high-power game.)
Yes, use Ag/Ag if no skill in Sports: Sprinting or Sports: Distance Running

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Rolemaster / Re: How much do you customize your game ?
« Last post by RandalThor on Today at 08:48:20 AM »
The specialized dice stuff is one of the problems I have with systems like that; I just don't want to have to have anything special like that.
Rolemaster / Recovery from poison effects
« Last post by Druss_the_Legend on Today at 02:00:35 AM »
I have a pc who is suffering the effects of poison. its not a standard effect from the standard rules but a type of nerve poison that is effecting stats CO/STR and gives a cumulative penalty to actions.

interested to hear what other GMs out there have used versus poison.

the pc in question will seen get to a herbalist/physician and i was wondering what i should use for time of recovery. the poison is well established. it was inflicted by a poisoned blade that delivered a deep cut (critical) to his chest. the pc chose not to rest and not seek first aid/healing for the first 12hrs since the wound.

any suggestions how to handle the recovery once he gets to the herbalist/physician?

I would think that 3-7 days bed rest would be minimum but there may be a way to lesson the effects of the poison? 75% recovery max until bed rest? taking an antidote if one can be made (poison lore/cookery/first aid skill check) in the form of a brew or salve seems likely but i dont think this will have an instant effect as it isnt magical.


Rolemaster / Re: How much do you customize your game ?
« Last post by Druss_the_Legend on Today at 01:52:12 AM »
ill jump on the starwars chatter.

what do you think of the starwars icon dice?
ive played that version of the game once and thought it was pretty cool actually.
iv also used the dice to help develop some plot ideas for my rolemaster campaign. threats. successes etc. it was more useful than just rolling 1d100. not suggesting you use them for mainstream play but as a GM if u need to generate some varied story telling results then you can. i just used an online free dice app and looked at a few youtube instructional videos for how to use them.
Rolemaster / Re: Paralyzed from neck and down
« Last post by jdale on Today at 12:16:45 AM »
Puncture C 96-99: "Strike through foe's neck breaks backbone and severs spine. Foe is paralyzed from the neck down."

It's not a death result, or it would say so. A broken neck high enough up will interefere with breathing etc, but lower in the neck you'll "just" be losing sense and control of your limbs and torso. Survival is certainly possible.  But not unassisted survival, you'll need someone to take care of you. From a game standpoint, you'll almost certainly need magical healing, or magical healing herbs, to recover from nerve damage this severe.

Playing a completely paralyzed character may not be the most fun. If I was the GM, I would be looking for a way to get that character to a healer (or maybe some kind of transformative recovery experience, like being turned into something that has better recovery abilities). Failing that, it might be interesting to give the character some out of body experiences and let them do some scouting that way, to keep them involved. I did actually once play a character who was incapacitated to the same degree (although the cause was a little more odd) in a different game system, and the GM decided this was the sort of experience that awakens latent psionic abilities.
Rolemaster / Re: Paralyzed from neck and down
« Last post by RandalThor on October 21, 2017, 11:40:15 PM »
For the most part, the main problem is death. With such an injury, it is very likely that their breathing and other important functions will be compromised, so without some very serious help in a hurry (like minutes), they are likely dead.
HARP SF / Re: Personal Force Fields for Harp SF
« Last post by RandalThor on October 21, 2017, 11:37:06 PM »
For me that is far too much bookkeeping for very little return.

I would do something more like the shield grants a +20 bonus, but has a chance of overloading with each hit that gets through the shield (i.e. the character takes damage).
Rolemaster / Re: How much do you customize your game ?
« Last post by RandalThor on October 21, 2017, 11:27:56 PM »
And here I am still preferring (much preferring) the D6 Star Wars...
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