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Advanced Equipment in Harp SF
« on: August 09, 2017, 01:14:08 PM »
Hey all,

I've been pondering they way equipment gets used in Harp SF.  After reading a series of SF books where various alien races all have strong-suits in various forms of technology, I was wondering how to best implement that in a game.

I know (and have used) a couple of methods in my games so far.  The Early/Mature/Advanced rules is great for this in general, but doesn't always have enough granularity in my opinion.  So I have also used the +5/+10/+15 bonuses for advanced materials, designs, and manufacturing quality for this (sometimes on top of a change in technology level). 

But I was wondering if anyone had tried to do something like Loot did with materials for Harp SF.  With specific modifications for specific race built equipment or materials.  For example perhaps the gorn have developed advanced new ballistic weaves for soft body armor (+5 ballistic defense, .75 weight), or the gungen have developed advanced universal translators that aren't as annoying to listen to (reduces diplomacy penalties for xeno-interactions by 5).

If anyone has tried this, how has it worked for you?  Has anyone found other ways to do handle advanced equipment?



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