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Cleric Wanted: Inquire Within
« on: January 09, 2015, 08:35:29 AM »
Wanted:  Hillman Shaman

Terror in the Trollshaws:  The Tale of the Fifth Overseer, over on the Real Roleplaying boards, is in need of someone to play a female Hillman Cleric in our pbp MERP game.  The game begins in the Trollshaws, about a day out of the Last Inn, where the band is headed to discuss their plans for the future, and to get the hell out Rhudaur.

We have five other strong players in various roles, and we are in the first scene of Chapter One:  The Hobbits' Lode.  At present, the party is attempting the daring rescue of a helpless Dunadan, fleeing across the marshy ground near the Greyflood, from what is evidently a band of murderous cutthroats.

Battle is heated, and our heroes, outnumbered, are acquitting themselves well -- so far.

Who is this mysterious red-headed Dunadan in flight?  Why do these rough-looking men pursue him across the waste, and why do they call him a spy?  Will the party ever reach the Last Inn now?

As Clotilde Gorghirra, the young but gifted Wegec of the Siol Nunaw tribe, you can help to determine the answers to these questions.  Join today, and return to Middle-Earth!

Interested parties please feel free to email me, the GM, at
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Re: Cleric Wanted: Inquire Within
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2015, 08:01:08 AM »
Are you still looking for a Cleric or Healer? Do you play on

I would be interested.

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Re: Cleric Wanted: Inquire Within
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2016, 03:08:24 PM »
I take it you just want a healer?

Topic says Cleric. But then you say you want a Hillman Shaman.

I don't think I have even seen a Shaman in the RMSS books. Though RM has the rules to create one. The healing book that allows you to make healers unique to "your god" or deity you worship is nice.

I usually play healers but the house rules really have to help them out. A cleric for example has 5 base list. It seems 4 of them aren't really dedicated to RM healing. They are more stereotypical RP Cleric flavor. That means a cleric has to develop Open healing list and that ups the costs of development. Then of course there is the classic RM problem that healing is 5x more expensive in RM. As you have to cover HP, Blood, Muscle, Tissue, Organ etc damage just to keep people in the fight. And you have to multiply all that PP expenditure x the players that get injured. Then on top of that you either have to max out your diagnosis skill or you have to develop another list just to see what injuries each character has (casting it multiple times for each character). And even with all that, the group has to sit around for 6 hours, not moving or they will start bleeding again ???

Then you don't feel like a cleric, because Armor/Weapons development is too expensive. So the closest to a cleric I have gotten in RMSS is a Mentalist ( I think,Lay Healer) who developed the Cleric list with the resurrection spell on it  ;).

On top of that, unless the house rules allow talents and the healer to develop  more PP and extra spell list all you will be is a healbot. And not a particularly great one at that. Especially if you don't take the talent to make your heal spells ranged and not "touch only". As it's very hard to try to touch heal a warrior fighting and surrounded by 5 guys. So I usually take the max level talent "Power" get 50 ranks. I use all of those on the 5 healing list. And then I use my regular points to develop my cleric and other list to give me some uniqueness to reflect the god my cleric worships.

If they don't give you more PP development and the Power talent though you can't really cast too much, or the group will die because you don't have enough power points to keep the group healed. A cleric is the only class that I remember who can actually resurrect someone, and you can't even cast that until level 10 :'(

The fact your group needs a cleric, shows me they know what they are doing  ;). I almost always play a healer in RM, but it always leaves you feeling the designers or GM really don't want the cleric to have fun or do anything but heal. My old GM hated channelers and would nerf us with Faithbreaker and all kinds of limiations, which pretty much took away your channeling spells. Which is just another reason to want to play a mentalist healer.

What can I say RM healing is rough, but some fools just like being the healer. I'm that fool. Because the groups needs me  :o

Are you playing on FG?

I'm EST, looking for a group that wants to play regularly. I'm interested in FG but I haven't really learned that system. But if you want a cleric and you can help me make one that can actually function as a cleric in your game. I'm interested.

A Dwarf Mentalist/Lay Healer Cleric would be great. As the Lay Healer can heal, develop decent armor, weapons skills. I love Dwarves and their saves vs magic help them not be insta nuked out of the fight.

A Healer combined with that Animal Friend training package that allows you to tame animals would be kind of Shaman like. A tamed pet like a bear will keep mobs off of them as a Healer, wears light armor, and takes injuries on themselves and needs space to heal.

If you don't have demons in your game, and your interested I'm interested.


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