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Title: Combat and Martial Arts styles from HARP Fantasy in SF?
Post by: GMLovlie on December 23, 2016, 01:08:12 PM

So, some of the styles as presented in Martial Law could be interesting to port over to SF.

Looking mainly at Paired weapon style, as this makes the most sense - the two-gun combo is odd with its forcing the players to use different types of weapons... so I can't use two projectile pistols, or (correct me if I'm mistaken) a pistol and a revolver, as these are under the same skill... so it has to be two different types. Which is cool to have too, but the paired weapon style just ... looks cooler in my mind. Particularly in a game where energy weapons are not (currently) available.

So, let's say I port it into a paired gun combo. Same effects, same mechanic. That should work well, right?

Now, looking at the paired gun vs two gun combo. Pros and cons:
TGC: two checks (one with a -20 unless ambidextrous), but basically you have two chances to hit - and combined with aimed burst fire ... that's pretty awesome. These two checks can, if you spend your DPs right, be equal to the skill in using each weapon separately, potentially even higher with talents/professional bonuses.

PGC: one check and increased effect of criticals and no off-hand penalty. The skill check will generally be worse than you are with a single weapon if you based it off ranks alone - yet good use of talents and professional bonuses can mitigate (at least some of) this.

Is that, in short, it?