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Your Cyberspace games
« on: January 26, 2010, 02:48:54 PM »
Other than working on my P-A setting , prepping on the WHFRPG conversion I've decided to work on a Cyberpunk setting (more of a revision/expansion to the default CS setting). I was wondering of the Cyberspace fans how many used or still used the default setting or tweaked it or simply used your own home-brewed setting ? If you are tweaking or tweaked the default setting to get your vision what did you do with it to change it ?

I still have the basics of a previous setting I was working on but I'm not sure I like where the direction it's going. I've thinking about just use the default setting pretty much as is but fuze some of my settings events & replace those things I don't like (like the gangs).

I may eventually replace more & more of the default setting so I can post the setting online (not for profit) in the future.But at this time I like the setting , there is just enough substance to use as a foundation to build off of unlike Cyberpunk 2020's setting which I also like for the most part but needs loads of revisions & updating (settingwise) to make it playable for me.
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